Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Champion of Change

I agree wholeheartedly with those who suggest that Donald Trump would be the champion of change were he to be crowned Emperor on November 8. As of January 20, 2017 the American people could well expect that things will stop moving in their present trajectory. Let me count the ways:
1. Return to the good old days of recession and possible depression as years of job growth come to an abrupt end as trade wars with foreign nations proliferate, decimating our job force.
2.  Trickle down failures dominate our landscape as large tax cuts for the one per cent deliver nothing but large tax cuts for the one per cent. Government coffers are almost bone dry and only thing to grow larger is the possibility of collapse of our physical infrastructure and the destruction of our social safety net.
3. Nuclear war is not the abstraction it has been for over seven decades and North Korea or some other aberrant element is goaded by Mr. Trump into an exchange of emotional and then physical explosions.
4. Race relations deteriorate as Mr. Trump continues to bait and alienate with his lethal combination of brutal words and deeds. Martial law becomes the two most common words on the nightly news.
5. We have boots on the ground in ever escalating numbers as Mr. Trump follows through on his pledge to eradicate ISIS. Our former allies abandon us and America is left bleeding money and lives as our President turns his bully pulpit into the bully march around the globe.
6. Russia returns as a superpower as Mr. Putin thoroughly outmaneuvers a bewildered Mr. Trump at every turn.
The list is endless. Choose an issue, any  topic that warrants our serious consideration and attention, and I will show you how Mr. Trump will be an agent for change.

Mr. Trump has pushed fear and hatred as his central themes, of Muslims, of Mexicans, of weak armies and weak soldiers, of blacks, of women, of an America in free fall. I fully concur with him that we should be afraid, very afraid of what the future holds if this country makes the wrong choice on November 8.
Donald Trump, champion of change. In the worst way possible.

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Anonymous said...

that this consummate moronic ignoramus is even a factor in the election is a direct measure of how flawed, detested, loathed, corrupt, and distrusted Hillary is. she should be running at least 20 points ahead and on a path to a landslide victory. if she were running against lyin' ted or little marco she'd be way behind. that this race is so close is a source of great anxiety. i know i am losing sleep