Monday, September 5, 2016

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Hillary Clinton has been cut up and picked at more than a piece of bad meat at a wedding. She has been dissected as often as a frog in a science class.

Her alleged misdeeds run from Benghazi to Whitewater, from email abuse to abuse of Monica, from favors for Sidney Blumenthal to Huma Abedin, from Wall Street speeches to Clinton Foundation meetings, seemingly from the time of her birth to the death of Vince Foster.

And yet, what have all these allegations, all these insinuations, all these malevolent implications revealed?
For all the effort to discredit Ms.Clinton, to find a way to get her thrown in jail or at least get her out of their hair, the Republican machine has managed to find a bunch of smoke but absolutely no raging fire.
Hillary Clinton is deemed dishonest and untrustworthy because that is how she has been forever branded.  If you, I or even Mr. Krugman were investigated to the degree that this candidate had been, we too would be considered damaged goods. And if Mr. Trump and his various questionable endeavors had undergone the level of scrutiny to which Ms. Clinton had been subjected, I think we all well know what the outcome would have revealed.
Death by a thousand cuts is the burden Ms. Clinton has had to carry with her every step of this campaign. Sometimes it must get very heavy.

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