Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the Deplorable Donald Trump

   Trump's "Deplorable" Deflections

We can protest his hypocrisy, paraphrase his travesties, ridicule his heartlessness. But even as we belittle Mr. Trump for his belittling of so many, we cannot but be troubled by Ms.Clinton's oops moment.

Do not say she spoke the truth, though that might be so. It is in the castigation itself that the damage is done. It is not that so many of Mr. Trump's followers are bonded by anger, hatred, bias and resentment but that EVERY Republican voter feels that Ms. Clinton may have been pointing an accusing finger at them personally. 

Like Mr. Trump's attack on all Mexicans, although some "might be good" or Mr. Romney's 47 per cent remark, Ms. Clinton's demeaning an entire group is but recipe for disaster. Putting people in buckets, or binders, can only put you in a bind.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it a notable playwright has already begun work on his new musical: Les Deplorables