Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sisyphus and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump entered our home not through the front door but the television. He spoke to us not in the coffee shop but from a stage in an arena. He reminded us of his greatness, and others frailties, from his computer. He didn't study policy. Heck, he didn't even read. 

Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime pushing a boulder up a hill. She has done the hard work, the hardest really, logging the countless hours of learning, traveling the remotest of roads, fighting the toughest of battles. And for all her effort, all her energy devoted to us and the cause of humanity, she has endured far more slings and arrows across the bow than she ever deserved.

And where Mr. Trump most certainly would have been applauded for persevering through illness, Ms. Clinton is taunted, and it is suggested she is too weak to hold the highest office. The truth is that she is probably the strongest, physically and mentally of anyone we have seen upon this stage, a person who does not quit, does not surrender, does not back down. 

So, while Mr. Trump heads back to his own bed for a night's sleep, Ms. Clinton once more is forced to roll that boulder back up the hill. With any luck, this time she will make it to the top.

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Unknown said...

It's certainly not a fair or reasonable circumstance, but then again nothing is when it comes to this election. Trumps complete lack of experience, lack of accountability, and lack of qualification is pretty unfathomable.