Thursday, September 22, 2016

One Small Favor

Why am I so troubled, so worried and perplexed
Why am I so harried, so hassled and so vexed
Why am I uncertain, so fearful of my shadow
Why is there this darkness that's seeped into my marrow

What can cause such tension, such damage to my soul
What can leave me empty, this cleaving of my whole
What evil is there lurking, what is this devil's name
What Lucifer arises, what Satan lays it's claim

In all my days and equal nights, in all that I have known
In all the twists and every turn, in all that I've been shown
Never have I come upon a danger such as this
Never seen a warning sign signal the abyss

Turn away my glance, must not look into its eye
My screams will do me nothing, no need my bootless cry
Must I spend my days so burdened, from now into the future
Must I spend my nights so wounded, left bleeding with no suture

There is but one true answer, one remedy so certain
There is but one solution, one way to stop the hurtin'
One lever to be pulled, one hand that I must play
One way to make the sun shine and brush the clouds away

For I will wake the morrow renewed, like newborn child
Look upon the vast horizon, with expectations wild
Happy and contented, at last I'll find my peace
Serene and much elated, at last I'll be released

If only this can happen, I dare not ask for more
If just this one thing happens, I will want no more
No more sorrow, no more fear, no shudder and no shake
No more worry, no more tears, whether sleep or when I wake

Just need this one small favor, just need this one small thing
Just need to make this happen, then I'll fly on open wing
Just make the Donald disappear, please take him from our sight
And then I'll live with endless joy, instead of endless plight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain
I share disdain
Please take the Donald out!
Take his progeny and Ailes, too
We need the good to rout!