Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trump and the Applause Sign

 "Did you see the polls today?" was his primary theme song, "the Wall" his go to whenever the crowd seemed to be drifting off. 

He is an entertainer, trying out his shtick, seeing what the hoi polloi responds best to, creating not a platform but a series of routines.
When his Don Rickles impression got a thumbs up, Trump became a serial basher. If one "bit" got tired, or the  response sour,  like with his "McCain is no hero", he could just move on in search of the next victim. 

Far too much of America has been taken in by a charlatan, a deeply flawed candidate masquerading as whatever sells well in the moment. He is a chameleon, able to change positions in a flash, tethered not to any beliefs but only to the next routine that gathers applause. 

It is not the stuff that heroes are made of. Nor a President.

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