Saturday, September 24, 2016

Warning - This is not intended for mature audiences

Where is the politics in our political discourse? 

This debate will likely be won or lost not on a stance on abortion, health care reform, the environment, the economy, the depth of Ms. Clinton's grasp of issues or the fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding of Mr. Trump but on a wink or nod, a poorly placed grimace or a well timed smile.

Not on Black Lives Matter or ISIS, not trade with China or a nuclear North Korea, not Iran, not Putin or even the Wall, but whether Mr. Trump holds his tongue in reply to an accusation of his opponent  or Ms. Clinton loses her cool in response to one of Mr. Trump's whoppers, or yet another reference to Benghazi.

Mr. Trump is not studying in advance of Monday, even as Ms. Clinton fills her head with facts and figures. For him, this is entertainment. For her, school. For him, a play.  For her, lecture. 

Two divergent figures on stage. Not judged by the character of their being but their ability to stay in character. Not on winning a point, but an Emmy. The election seemingly hanging by a chad not on tax plans or spending cuts, not on invasions or retreats, not poverty or riches, but a Donald zinger or a Hillary laugh.

This could not be how it was intended.

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