Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mr. Trump's Assault Upon This Nation

("I edited the People writer who says Trump groped her. Here's why she didn't speak out.")

Donald Trump is a perpetual tsunami, wreaking havoc wherever he lands and leaving minds and bodies damaged.

His career, his life, has been about bending people to his will, to his desired goal. Whether it be a woman who strikes his fancy, a business deal he finds attractive, or a political race that beckons, his has always been about the taking, the conquest. Any means to his end.

The assault upon Natasha Stoynoff was, we can be fairly certain, but one of many similar moments that have dotted the ugly landscape of  Mr. Trump's seven decades. And her response, like the others, was to find multiple reasons not to face the onslaught that would surely follow the accusation.

The media has been complicit, turning its head away, finding the safer and easier route,  ignoring what it could and dismissing his disgusting and destructive behavior as peccadillo rather than perversion.

But Mr. Trump has taught us all, media outlet or individual citizen, a valuable lesson. We cannot cower, we cannot excuse, we cannot by averting our eyes, allow those like Mr. Trump to proceed unchecked and unchallenged. And if we owe Mr. Trump any thanks, it is only in his teaching us that the more we allow those like him to feel insulated from our review and our rebuke, the more we all suffer the consequences.

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