Wednesday, October 19, 2016

He Once Said

He once said he would not pledge not to run as an independent if he believed the Republican hierarchy was not fair to him.
He once said he would not attend a  Republican debate because the media was not fair to him.
He once said he would not allow the result to stand if the Republican convention was not fair to him.
He now says he would not accept a defeat on November 8 if the election process is not fair to him.
What has not been fair is Donald Trump's candidacy, his ugliness, his thin skin, his anger, his lack of knowledge, his lack of understanding,  his pettiness, his rambling, nonsensical, dangerous comments, his total and complete lack of qualification for the office he seeks to hold. What has not been fair is his mistreatment of this nation.
So on November 8th, when the votes have all been cast, the only thing that would be unfair is if Donald Trump did not, with whatever shred of decency resides within him, leave the stage with even a touch of grace and dignity.


Anonymous said...

You know what would be unfair? A Trump win.
Trump will never be President of the United States. Also looking forward to lots of those Trump marquis coming down. I am sad to say but I know people still voting for Trump.


Anonymous said...

I too, unfortunately, know people voting for Trump. Well educated professional people; some I share the work place with. How anyone can vote for this person is beyond my comprehension. The only explanation I can fathom is the depth of loathing for Mrs. Clinton. Yes, she will win the WH but the scandals will follow. Why? Because of the steady drip of email leaks, and new information challenging the quality and objectivity of the FBI investigation. Washington will be enmeshed in a replay of the Watergate era, inward-looking, destructive, consumed with investigations and score-settling. In the end she will make Nixon look like an Eagle Scout.