Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump - Alpha Male Unhinged

He is the hater in chief, the rich white guy sitting on his throne, pontificating and belittling every person, male or female who is not him.
His lust for power has no boundaries, all must kneel before this alpha male gone bad. His orange hair is but the lion's mane, as he surveys the puny universe below.
His admiration is reserved only for others in his realm, like the bare chested Russian leader who crushes dissent and takes what he wants.
Greatness, in his cruel world does not sanction understanding or compassion. It has disdain for the poor, the disabled, the weak, the ones who get in the way. It is kill or be killed, as he roams the stage in a manic display of a man unhinged.
The man on the bus spoke the truths he knows and believes. While Mr. Brooks might find a place in his heart for pity and sadness for Donald Trump, this ridiculous small man taking up far too much time and space in our lives is deserving of nothing but our disgust and disdain.


Anonymous said...

Compassion not only means not harming others but also actively helping, forgiving, accepting, and positively influencing others. And compassion stems from an attitude of equanimity, non-discrimination, and non-opposition toward all people. When we interact with others and handle situations not from our own standpoint, but objectively, we are more compassionate to and understanding of others. Do you not see the intrinsic contradiction in advocating compassion and understanding while writing such vitriolic, angry and hateful posts on almost a daily basis?

Robert said...

You had me right up to the last sentence. All those qualities you admire are non-existent in Mr.Trump. I cannot be silent given the severity of the threat that he poses. I am sorry you feel that my posts are vitriolic, but I would ask that you take a good long look at the subject of my consternation.


Anonymous said...

Near impossible not to see a man doomed.
But, take a good look at yourself and your Ahabian obsession, and your elaborate after-the-fact rationalizations of things done for other reasons. Things discordant with your constant preachings of compassion and understanding.
Enough about the Donald is enough!!!!! He's on the road to perdition and doesn't need any direction from us.