Sunday, October 9, 2016

Donald Trump - Hiding in Plain Sight

After Megyn Kelly had blood coming from her "wherever", after Carly Fiorina had a face that disqualified her from becoming President, after Rosie O'Donnell was savaged, after the size of women's breasts became the benchmark of their worth, after wanting to punish women who had abortions, after fantasizing about dating his daughter, after Alicia Machado was fat-shamed, after we heard about the groping.  After all of this, did it really take a dirty remark to Billy Bush (irony in the name and the family) to convince America what a lout this man was?

He has spent well more than a year demonstrating, day in and day out, that he is not only the least qualified but the most reprehensible candidate to ever get this close to the highest office in the land. He has intentionally and repeatedly castigated, made more undeniably hateful comments in the course of this race than we thought possible. Did the nation not know the fibre of this man until this tape appeared?

The list of those whom Mr. Trump has demeaned and denigrated is, by multitudes, greater than the few he may have praised. He has not elevated this country, but brought it into the gutter. He has treated not merely women but this nation with a total lack of respect. He has, from the moment he appeared on this stage, from the very first speech, told us only of those unworthy to be in our presence, in his presence.
It is the great shame of this nation and those who have supported Donald Trump through the months and months of his egregious and outrageous warfare, after a candidacy and a career of punching down instead of lifting up, that only now do they allege they can see what has been hiding in plain sight all along.


Anonymous said...

The Republican Party has spent more than the last decade denying the truth-as you have previously said. It becomes easier to deny the truth about the least qualified candidate to run for President in our lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Both you and Richie have written so insightfully and eloquently about this disaster of an election we're living though. Thank you for doing that! It will be important not just now, but in the future, when we look back at this train wreck and the scary place our nation has gone.


Anonymous said...

well said (as always)
hopefully this fiasco will be over soon