Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fear of the Deafening Sound of Silence

("What Drives Donald Trump? Fear of Losing Status, Tapes Show")

It was the cheers of the crowd that mattered, that gave him that rush of adrenaline. It was the political incorrectness, the one liners that berated others but thrilled those chanting his name, wearing the hat with his signature line. He was a cliff jumper, always searching for a higher elevation, an ever more perilous risk to be taken.
And when those around him counseled that he stick to the script, play the game, he could not for it would have meant that the enthusiasm for him could have waned. Then he would have been like all the rest, mundane, maybe even boring. And for him that would be the worst sin of all.
And if he dies, he will go out with guns blazing, not fading slowly in the night, but exploding like a shooting star leaving a flame in the sky as it descends to earth.
Of all the things that could cause him to suffer, the worst is to say we didn't notice that he left.


Anonymous said...

This one's great.


Anonymous said...

Another great one. Love the last line.