Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Un-President

Undisciplined, unfocused, unprepared, unintelligible, unforgiving, undiscerning, uncontrollable, unrepentant, unwelcoming, underwhelming.


Are these the qualities we want in our President? Unthinkable. Unimaginable.


Anonymous said...

We want Hillary Clinton, the pure embodiment and one of the main architects of progressive policies that have drained vigor from America's economy, diminished America's stature in the world, emboldened despotic regimes and terrorists the world over, left millions of Syrians to the genocidal whims of the Assad-Russia-Iran axis and made America and our allies less safe by being an enabler of what assuredly will be a nuclear-armed Iran in the not too distant future. To say nothing of her pathological lying and chronic abuse of power and self-dealing as the ultimate political insider.
Yes we want Hillary Clinton the UNWORTHY

Anonymous said...

Brilliant (your post, not the comment)


Bruce said...

I agree that it was one of the best post-season games in a long time. It was a battle of two great pitchers with nearly identical records. Ironically, but logically, Bumgarner lasted longer because instead of going for the strike out, he induced fly outs which reduced his pitch count to below that of Syndegaard, who was magnificent in K'ing 10 but in doing so, ran up the pitch count to 103 after 7 innings. They will be talking about this one for a while and from that perspective----is it better to dazzle with strike outs or get efficient outs and go for the complete game, a rarity nowadays !!

Bruce said...

ALSO--as to Ms. Anonymous--I respectfully ask that you reconcile yourself to an HRC presidency as of January 20, 2017. Her opponent is running such an inept campaign that she is likely to win in an Electoral College landslide and also likely to have a 50 or 51 seat majority in the Senate. The only juggernaut against her will be Paul Ryan and the GOP in the House, although it is questionable if Ryan will remain in his seat. The Tea Party will continue to play an out sized role as an opponent to Clinton's policies and will ally themselves with the Trump constituency. I predict a rough road for HRC as challenges from Putin and the middle east will take up most of her energy. China will slip things in while she is pre-occupied with that. Domestic policies will be run by her aides and they had better be good at meting out the spoils of victory or else none of her ambitious infrastructure projects will go forward, even though, God knows, we need them.