Friday, October 21, 2016

The "Undecideds"

The "undecideds". That is theoretically the sum and substance of what this, or any other presidential election, is about. Convincing those, who by reason of lack of interest or lack of understanding, have been unable to determine which candidate more closely meets the vision of the America they believe in.
Donald Trump has done a wonderful job of convincing the "decideds" that he is their person. He has been the living embodiment of his pronouncement that he does not have time to be politically correct. From the opening dog whistle on Mexicans to the final bell on nasty women, he has called out virtually anyone and everyone in the most politically inappropriate manner conceivable.
And for his committed base, for the many millions in our midst who see the America that Mr. Trump sees (or at least pretends to see for his adoring audience), he has been a breath of fresh air (well maybe not so fresh). A man who is willing to bring voice to our inner demons, to express the hatreds and contempts, the annoyances and the grievances that no other politician dare enunciate.
For his "decideds", Donald Trump is hero, martyr. He is unwilling to compromise his beliefs (or at least theirs) in the face of a cacophony of dissent, unwilling to accept even the possibility that what he says is wrong on so many levels. He does not back down. And if he goes down, he goes down swinging.
He is all about the adoration. How many times he has told us who loves him, even if they do not. Women, blacks, Hispanics. The list is exhaustive and pure fantasy. But Mr.Trump wants, no he needs, the praise to feed his ego, and so he will give his base, his "decideds" all the red meat they need to make this happen.
And along the way, he will have alienated almost every "undecided" in this country. Who, but maybe the old, rich white guy, has not been the subject of his vitriol. Immigrants have been his prime target, but in pushing every button for his most loyal subject, there has been almost no category not derided: from war hero to the disabled, from fat to ugly, from those who did not kiss his ring in his own party to those who stood on the stage and challenged him, from past president to the first black president not born in this country, a secret Muslim intent on destroying this nation that he hates, from the "Wall" to "Bush-gate". Over the past 16 months he has thrown most of this nation under the bus.

And, in this non-stop attack, fed by the cheering crowds, by the "lock her up" chants, by the multitude wearing the hat with his signature line, in all this he has accomplished what was once thought inconceivable. Donald Trump has handed Hillary Clinton almost all the "undecideds" from sea to not so shining sea.
Barring a catastrophe in the next 17 days, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. If she wins by a large mandate, if those who were not firmly in her court come to her en masse, if the "undecideds" speak in unison, Hillary Clinton will have one person to thank above all others.

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