Thursday, November 3, 2016

108 and Done

Like a punch-drunk boxer, the Cubs were staggering, their four run lead evaporated, their invincible closer suddenly vincible. And then the rains came, and an excruciatingly wondrous game and a 108 year odyssey lingered ever longer into the Ohio night.
Given the history of the franchise, this team's return from the edge of the grave down three games to one, and the magnificent, torturous flow of this ultimate battle, virtually everything special and meaningful in a sport deeply entrenched in tradition and lore was on full display.
Echoes of epic battles past resounded. My own thoughts turned to 1960 and the intense pain of an eight year old Yankee die hard, dying hard when Mazeroski's drive sailed over Berra's head and the left field wall.
And with tonight's last out, and victory secure, somewhere in a corner of the baseball universe, Steve Bartman just exhaled.


Anonymous said...

seems every Yankee fan of age remembers where they were when Maz hit that home run. I was in business law class with two friends, we were texting about that last night. Berra wasn't he catching?


Robert said...

No. Berra was in left, and did not move as the ball sailed far over his head and then the left field wall.

Either Elston Howard or Johnny Blanchard was catching at that time.

Robert said...

I just watched the video. Berra did in fact move towards the wall. Memory has a funny way of creating its own truths.

Anonymous said...

I”m always reminded of these immortal words:

There are only two seasons – winter and Baseball.
William Louis “Bill” Veeck, Jr.
(1914-1986, also known as “Sport Shirt Bill”,
franchise owner and promoter in Major League Baseball)

It was a great and exciting series, but today is the first day of winter, and I’m feeling a little blue.

Bruce said...

The CUBS won.
They are from Illinois.

Obama is President.
He is from Illinois

Clinton is running for president next week.
She is from Illinois.

Can we have the Illinois Trifecta, please ??!!!

Anonymous said...

You won't believe it but in 1960 I lived for the Yankees. And when their game was over I would pick up the Midwest games on the short wave radio in my family cabin in Kiamesha.


Anonymous said...

Classic 7th game, although I thought the article might be about the number of electoral votes the loser will get on Tuesday