Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Price of the Times (The New York Times) - to the tune of "You'll Be Back"

You say, your freedom to speak does not suddenly seem free at all
You cry, every time that I speak what I speak is but merely a lie
What's so bad
Remember I helped sell your paper and I'll keep you king
But don't get me mad
Remember I can pull out my guns if you don't kiss my ring
You'll be back, wait and see
You'll be lining up on bended knee
You'll be back, headlines sell
And we'll serve each other very well
Obama's gone, Hillary's small
And you'll wait to hear my Trumpian call
So don't speak 'til I say
The First Amendment's the price of loyalty you'll pay

da da da di da (etc)

You say the cost I'm asking's too much to pay
You say free speech is free no matter what I say
But you don't know my power
Know this, no's make me sour
This is my finest hour
Don't dare to make me dour
Not ever, not ever or ever or ever

I have your back that's for sure
Just don't swear at me or start a war
For I'm good, for I'm kind
Just the kind who'll kick your behind
So be gone, but don't be mad
And for Trump's sake just don't be sad
Cuz if you push and you shove
I will kill your stupid newspaper
To remind you of my love

Da da da di da etc


Bruce said...

How many Americans know of the six freedoms guaranteed by the 1st amendment? This was my question at the Thanksgiving table and only two (both lawyers) knew that it was speech, press, non establishment, free exercise, assembly and petition. This is why men like Trump rise up. I would ask incoming education secretary about why schools are failing in elementary civics.

Robert said...

Very erudite.