Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump and his Sicko-phants

It should be called Mr. Trump and his sicko-phants. As the President-elect begins to assemble a team of cohorts, the picture that emerges is one that should cause retraction of every statement made that Trump will govern in different tone than the ugly rhetoric of his campaign.
It appears that Trump is putting together his own Murderer's Row. Bannon but the first, Giuliani soon to follow and can the likes of Christie, Gingrich and maybe even Palin be far behind? A group that will counsel destruction of civil liberties, decimation of environmental regulation, death to the department of education.
It is an evil cabal, a covey of corrupt ideas and ideals that will do almost incalculable damage to this nation. A softer, kinder Donald Trump as President? The answer is an emphatic nyet.

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