Friday, November 11, 2016


Why? Why with a call to hate and fear, with images of a dystopian universe, with such a poor messenger and such a poor message, why do we find ourselves staring directly into the abyss of a Donald Trump presidency?
1. Because the balance of power most often shifts parties after a two term President, as our country forever searches for the next best answer to the problems of our day.
2. Because a woman following a black man into office was just a bridge too far.
3. Because the last scandal in a campaign marked only with scandals wins (or more precisely loses). Goodbye to Billy Bush and hello to Anthony Weiner. In a landscape of sexual impropriety focusing on private parts, you couldn't have created characters for a television show with two more jarringly bad names. Thanks for nothing James Comey.
4. Because a family political dynasty for the Democrats following shortly after a family political dynasty for the Republicans was another bridge too far.
5. Because Hillary Clinton could never generate any excitement on her own and relying on surrogates like the Obama's, as striking as they were, was no match for the fervor created by a master entertainer playing on the basest instincts of his supporters.
6. Because we have an electoral college that effectively negates the concept that every vote is of equal weight.
7. Because we didn't believe in our hearts that a buffoon could actually ascend to the presidency and that his lies, his lack of knowledge or understanding, his hatred and lack of compassion would outweigh the reasons why so many seemed drawn to him.
8. Because the Republican party was so effective in painting Hillary Clinton as a crook and an inveterate liar, thus deflecting attention from the fact that Donald Trump was the true crook and inveterate liar.
9. Because we "liberals" are perceived by so much of America as smug and pompous, considering this our land not theirs, and we were going to be informed in the most direct terms that we were wrong.
10. Because shit happens.


Bruce said...

There are many entertainers and musicians who are liberal, registered Democrats and supporters of the Hillary Clinton candidacy. But all of them, most notably Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Stresand, Neil Young, Robert DeNiro, Chelsea Handler, Bill Maher, etc., etc. who speak, sing, act and entertain by tapping into our uncertainties, fears and disgust at how the world works. It's 'fixed', it's 'rigged', you can't get a job, can't get a break, have no money and need to get to the therapist's couch.

If only we had listened to and seen their art better, we would have understood why many in America were willing to reject the establishment politicians from Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton and upset the apple-cart by voting for this lunatic.

That said, and despite his bellicosity to the contrary, DT has NO IDEA what he has just gotten himself into. He will fail miserably or cede his decisions to others who will rankle those who put their faith in him.

In 2018 there are mid-term elections. For those as disgusted as I am and for those who have mindlessly taken to the streets, I suggest you gird up and elect Democrats in two years who can throttle down the Trump engine.

But, I suppose most people do not know what mid term elections are. And that is the real problem.

Robert said...

Why wait until the mid-term elections? How about starting an impeach Trump now movement? There must be a myriad of faults past and present that could be invoked to bring charges on January 21, 2017.

I fear that two years will seem an eternity.

Anonymous said...

Good start, but not enough. #10 while universally true is a cop-out. 2 & 4 are upon close scrutiny BS. #6 falls way short: We're a Federal Republic not a Democratic Republic. On the basis of the popular vote this nation would be dominated by 6-8 states. Never gonna happen. #9 shows the beginning of real introspection. If we as Democrats want to successfully rebuild our party we need much more deep introspection, and HONESTY. We should start by re-examining assumptions about governance. The administrative state is not omni-competent. Regulation is not the solution for every economic and social ill. The regulatory process fuels an army of lobbyists and pours sludge into the entire system, slowing to a crawl, or worse, paralysis, the translation of publicly supported goals into real change on the ground while intensifying the public's doubts about government's capacity to act effectively.
The biggest dilemma for us moving forward is do we put party first or country first? If country, we want the policy changes surely to be put forth in January to succeed. If we choose party we want the new administration to fail, and fail badly. We have 25 senate seats to defend in 2018. If the new order succeeds, even only slightly, we will be set back even further.

Anonymous said...

While we all share your view about impeachment it only applies to offenses committed while in office. We may have to wait until February.

Robert said...

I actually knew that but I was just having a moment of fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Robert. This helps a lot.


Anonymous said...

It seems like you're somewhat self-aware in this regard because at least you're listing it, but you really seem like the true epitome of #9 on your list, at least in the way you come across on the blog.