Sunday, November 13, 2016

You Are Invited to a Party

As the election neared and the prospect of a Hillary Clinton victory seemed inevitable, my son suggested we show our thanks to the outgoing President. "Why don't we ring the White House the day before the swearing in of our new leader and merely applaud to demonstrate our appreciation for President Obama?"
While the sting of Tuesday night is still fresh and the thought of any celebration seems so contrary to our present state of mind, I say now is the right time to plan a party.
Let there be a show of force in Washington on January 19 coming from all corners of this country, from all walks of life, to state emphatically that we are still here, we still have the core beliefs that Mr. Obama so eloquently articulated on our behalf, and that he is still and forevermore deserving of our praise and our thanks.
I ask everyone who reads these words to spread the message. Let us all meet as one on January 19 to inform the world, with the clapping of our hands, of our gratitude to Barack Obama for what he has attempted to do to make this country and this world a better place.


Anonymous said...

No thank you. His failed policies has given us Donald Trump.

In September he said, in what was the truest statement of the campaign: "My legacy is on the ballot." Tuesday's results were a thundering repudiation , at every level, of Mr. Obama's governing and policies.

Robert said...

So how come Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 1 to 2 million people if this was such a strong repudiation of everything Mr. Obama stood for?

Anonymous said...

When Obama took office, Democrats owned 29 governorships. Today 15. In 2010 Democrats controlled 60 of 99 state legislative chambers. Today it is 30. Even an extremely talented Jason Kander couldn't win in Missouri. Take out the California vote and she lost the popular vote by millions in the rest of the nation. The Democrats are in their weakest position in 150 years or more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a grand idea to thank Obama and to let our new President know that WE, THE PEOPLE (as in the majority of voters) are watching!

Anonymous said...

I've had some interesting responses when I forwarded this to friends with only a simple "please take a moment to read this" anticipating that my friends and acquaintances will follow my instructions. Several said they had enough and need to take a break from reading another thing about the outcome of this awful election.

Wanted to share this so that your beautiful idea is not mistaken for another Trump rant and ignored.