Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dr. Frankenstein's Lament

Dr. Frankenstein is unhappy with the monster he created?
Party leadership and right wing pundits have led us, crumb by crumb and step by step, to Donald Trump's doorstep. For years they have fed their followers disinformation and obfuscation. For years they have railed about fictional wrongs and filled their speeches and their writings with factual "inaccuracies'. It was a means justifies the ends attack on everything Obama, everything Democrat.
From a foreign born Muslim President, to health care death panels, from snowballs in Congress to refute climate change to the directive from Mitch McConnell to be first, last and always obstructionists, this was a determination to abandon truth as a predicate for opening one's mouth or penning one's words.
And how could those who believed in their party, believed in their media personalities, how could they distinguish between all the past lies that had accumulated over so many years and all the present ones that spewed forth in dizzying succession from Mr. Trump.
You cannot walk away from past transgressions so easily Mr. Sykes. You cannot merely wash your hands of the President elect and think all is forgiven. No, it is your job to right your wrong and raise your voice in continued opposition to the monster you created.


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More post-mortem nonsensical excuses.
Trump is the product of 8 years of failed Obama policies and Democrats nominating a corrupt, crooked candidate with no integrity, no message, and no ability to run a campaign despite having all the advantages. 99.99% of Americans have never heard the name Charlie Sykes, and the mainstream media has no conservative right wing pundits with the exception of Fox news.
Time to stop the cry baby excuses.

Anonymous said...

Vast majority of public understands the media misinforms, distorts, or outright lies about what passes for "news" in our time.
Recent front page case in point: Young Muslim woman last week is physically and verbally assaulted by 4 white men on NYC subway. Media reports hate crime, intimates connection to Trump supporters. NYPD finds no evidence to support accusations. This week young Muslim woman confesses she concocted story to cover truth that she engaged in heavy drinking and other behaviors prohibited by her religion and culture. She can be seen appearing in court with her head shaven (by her parents) as punishment. Not much media follow-up. One has to search hard to uncover truth. Of course no apology from media.

Anonymous said...

You can always find examples, such as the above, but blaming the "media" while at the same time giving equal weight to a NY Times article and, for example, a Heritage Foundation publication, is a Republican Hard-Right trick of long-standing, grounded in the notion of false equivalency. It has proven to be an effective tool to control the Party base and, generally, muddy the waters.
It has been a key element in the Right's assault on facts as the currency of social/political discourse. When truth succumbs to truthiness, we all lose. When truthiness circulates around the globe on Facebook 14 times faster than actual news, we are in deep trouble as a Nation.

And Robert is right: the susceptibility of our society to "truthiness" and "fun-facts" that support preconceived positions has resulted in Donald Trump. As a Nation, we need to go on a diet of critical thinking and fact-checking. Learning to actually listen to other points of view, instead of waiting for the person to shut up, so you can have your turn to prove them wrong, would help a lot, too.