Friday, December 2, 2016

Mr. Trump, Please Shut Up

("Trump's Breezy Calls to World Leaders Leaves Diplomats Aghast")

Mr. Trump, please shut up. It is more than a month before you even take office and already your big mouth has caused potential problems abroad.

Your cavalier remarks, your back of a matchbox knowledge of the most inflammable of situations, is a grave danger to this country. Your using adjectives and adverbs as a crutch to hide your embarrassing deficiencies is not of help as you maneuver through the most combustible, complex political mazes.

You don't study and don't comprehend and that is the worst of all combinations. You cannot bluff your way through, as each word you utter will have consequence, each phrase you toss out will be analyzed, each tweet dissected.

If I have one piece of advise, it is that you say nothing, not one moronic syllable. Silence is golden Mr. Trump. And we know how much you love gold.


Anonymous said...

My husband will attest that all I say when Trump talks is "shut up". I keep praying he will be impeached or I will be almost 70 before this frightening idiot is no longer "our president"-thank you for verbalizing my disgust


Anonymous said...

..if I even see his face I change the channel or shut him off...



Anonymous said...

I love this one!


Bruce said...

Why would Putz Trump shut up? Why would he listen to rationality and reason? He got to the presidency by taking advantage of a populous for whom knowledge and critical thinking are anathema. They were trained as compliant workers who were just minimally smart enough to do their jobs. When the economy globalized, and their union protection was deemed un-American, they sheepishly retreated to their homes to drink beer and watch TV. This is the country we are in. Our job is to use our God given intellect and education to outsmart these guys. It shouldn't be too hard if we maintain both our focus and good sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

While everything you say about him may be true, let's get real. He beat the most powerful political machine in the history of the U.S. with a fraction of the financial resources, organization , and he out foxed the foxes. What does that say about our party? Our party is decimated on every level. They have 33 governorships, 68 out of 98 state legislatures, the House and the Senate. Soon the Supremes. What does that say about our party? We keep the same old same old. Nancy Pelosi? She's over the hill. Thankfully Harry is gone. Keith Ellison? A real gift to the Republicans. Elizabeth is on the ropes. We have not been is such bad shape in many decades and it's likely;y to get worse. We're the geriatric party of has beens. And the populous is not as stupid as we think. WE need to smarten up and start LISTENING.

Robert said...

I am listening. Listening to Trump bumble his way into mistakes with Pakistan and Taiwan (impacting China and India among others) more than a month and a half before he even takes the oath for President.

While I worry about the damage he can cause in his domestic missteps, I am truly scared about the implications of such an unqualified person meandering around the globe, spouting forth his unique brand of idiocy.

We don't have the luxury of focusing on the ills of the democratic party when we must spend our days trying to plug the holes created by Mr.Trump.

Anonymous said...

IF we don't focus on developing a realistic new strategy, new, strong, intelligent, HONEST, and vibrant leadership, a habit of listening to the needs of the populace, and reject extreme identity politics, we will be the minority party for a long, long time. 3 to 1 they gain at least another 5 Senate seats in 2018 and easily hold a 60 seat majority in the House. The Democratic party right now is rudderless and sinking.

Robert said...

Remember 2008. The Republican party was on life support. The strange reality in this country is that parties go in and out of favor. Those in power are ultimately found lacking. We are in for rough times, very rough times, but for reasons neither of us now comprehend there is a strong likelihood that in 2024 the pendulum will swing back in favor of the Democrats. If we can survive Mr Trump.