Friday, December 23, 2016

Small Hands, Big Mouth

("Trump Says the U.S. Should Expand It's Nuclear Policy")

So Donald Trump has small hands and a big stick. How could someone, still almost a month from taking office be doing such damage, giving the Twitter finger to a two state solution in Israel, and poking a finger directly in the eye of nuclear diplomacy?

He has tweeted China that he may not keep his tiny hands off Taiwan. He has doubled down on his no Muslims allowed policy. He is building a foreign policy tsunami while sitting in his underwear in his palace in NY or Florida.

Do you know the worst possible job in the world? Communications director for Donald Trump. Each day trying to turn a 140 character rant into a coherent thought. Stepping back the principal mandate in this job description.

While Trump fiddles around, Obama must be burning. His legacy, and the office itself, already in tatters. 


Anonymous said...

All because our party just had to nominate the worst possible candidate since Walter Mondale. Let's not forget this small minded candidate couldn't control her own big mouth when she said "we are going to put a lot of coal companies out of business" and thereby lose critical rust belt states on top of her deplorable "Deplorable's" remark. Oh and add her stupid big mouth husband's remarks about Obamacare a week before the election. We're stuck with this moron because Hillary Clinton couldn't defeat this charlatan idiot. It boils my blood every day.

Anonymous said...

After his today's U.N. move Obama and his legacy should "BURN" in hell. He's kissed Iranian ass for years and condemned our only democratic ally in the Middle east. He's been a friend to our foes and an enemy to our allies for 8 years. Obama paved the way for Trump, and is now just adding to the woes of Democrats who will lose so much of the Jewish vote.
Obama is a misguided know it all spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, thin skinned, pitiful, petulant little boy destroyer. 27 more very long days and then bye-bye.

Anonymous said...

It's about Jobs! For many years government has not put a stop to the exodus of industry moving to China. The balance sheets of the companies with overseas operations in China reflect tremendous profits, and Wall Street has been happy. However those rosey balance sheets did not reflect the loss of jobs, which in turn brought on the resulting mortgage crisis, inadequate tax revenues for needed government programs, a rise in crime etc. Government allowed organized labor to obtain too critical an amount of power for decades. The fear of industry-crushing strikes resulted in the exodus of so many companies, relocating their operations in China. For these companies to return, they will want to be protected. Healing the banks by infusing capital so that they can make back the money they unwisely lost is not sufficient. Industry has to return here. Presidents have not used their 'bully pulpit'. Although I am a democrat, I am hoping Wilbur Ross will bring Chinese companies here for joint ventures to solve our employment problem. For government not to care about it is "deplorable".

Anonymous said...

ps: Recognizing Taiwan is the best medicine for an overzealous nationalistic China.

Robert said...

PS The Communication Director named 2 days ago just turned down the job. He is but the first of many who will walk away.