Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Response of the Democrats to the Inaugural Address of Mr. Trump

(With a little help from Mr. Lincoln )

Four score less six days ago a minority of  our electorate brought forth on our nation a new leader, conceived in infamy and promulgating the proposition that all rich white men are created equal.

A great many have been outraged by his uncivil war, testing whether our nation, or any nation, so ill conceived and so wrongly dedicated, can still endure. We will soon meet in great battle in our most hallowed halls.We have come to dedicate ourselves to that war, and pledge to never take respite or rest until each of those in our nation who have put their lives in our custody has a better place to live. It is all together fitting and proper that we should do this for the very least and the very last among us.

We cannot desecrate -we cannot castigate - we can not call fallow - this ground where we must now tread. The brave men and women, living and dead, who struggled in these very halls to make us more than we now appear, have made sacred this space, far more than our power now to diminish or expand. The world may little note or long remember these words in the cacophony of the coming hours.  It is for our party, those who now stand beside me, beside us, to rededicate ourselves to the battle, to proclaim that the work of those who came before us, who so nobly pledged their hearts and their lives, will not be cast asunder, will not be lost to the blur of history or the blink of an eye. It is rather that we be ever mindful and ever committed to the hard task that is now before us- that from the strength and courage, the passion and dedication, the vision and vigilance of those our honored forebears, we are renewed and revitalized, with increased devotion to those challenges for which they gave their last measure - that we firmly resolve that our causes will not be forgotten or compromised and all our efforts will not be in vain- that this party, this nation, undeterred, shall have a rebirth and a resurgence - and that this government, despite the protestations of those in power who would wish us less, will remain now and forever of the people, by the people and for the people, and we shall not fade slowly into the night but we will, as one, emerge stronger, wiser and better.


Anonymous said...

Very clever. But it's time to stop the popular vote BS. NO SANE Republican campaigns in California, NY, NJ, Illinois and Mass.
We have no one to blame but Hillary Clinton for the mess we find ourselves in. She SUCKED, period. Let's not forget the famous last words of Barack Obama: "My legacy is on the ballot". He campaigned hard for Hillary to shield his legacy, and now that legacy is going down the tubes. His tantrum on Friday only made it much worse as Democrats from coast to coast distanced themselves from his hateful decision. He will be remembered as the worst president ever, as Alan Dershowitz recently said.

Anonymous said...

We always enjoy your writing, this piece is really outstanding!


Anonymous said...

... just wish it was written on an envelope

Anonymous said...

Obama is overseeing and facilitating the destruction of the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

And actively destroying his legacy. With 3 weeks left he's standing up to Putin? Going to sanctions? Where was tough guy Obama when Crimea was annexed? When Ukraine was invaded? When Assad crossed the red line? But now when he doesn't need the Jewish vote push Israel around? Israel is an easy target. Moving forward Obama will be very popular in anti-semitic Europe and on college campuses with the boycott Israel crowd. Let's see what further damage he do in the next 22 days.