Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Storyteller

What is politics, what is existence, if not storytelling? We discuss, consider persuade and cajole through the art of the tale. We talk, we live from one short story to the next.

And Donald Trump for all his many faults, his eccentricities and foibles, was a far better story teller than Hillary Clinton. Maybe because he talked so often in fictions, his possibilities were endless. He is practiced in the art of manipulation by deception and illusion, building a career and a fortune on his capacity to weave his particular madness into gold.

Yes, his images were full of darkness and fear, of desperate times and evil people. But where all we heard was the sound of a charlatan at work, he captivated and propelled those who were hypnotized by his words.

Hillary Clinton spoke in phrases that were mired in concrete. She did not stir the mind and the heart in any of the ways that Mr. Trump did.

And so the profane, the obscene, the ridiculous and the nonsensical became the story that far too much of America heard. And believed. 

We will be soon led by a storyteller in chief, a person consumed not with policy considerations, but   merely creating a narrative that fits neatly with his vision. Carrier is but the first of these imagined triumphs. 

And our task for the tomorrows to come is to find a powerful voice to tell our story of our nation, and ultimately to wrest away the attention of those now gathered at the feet of Mr. Trump. It is all in the hands of the storyteller.


Anonymous said...

You realize that Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy's right hand man and lawyer was also Trump's most important mentor.
You realize that Trump's tactics are identical to McCarthy's although the medium is different. Trump has social media, McCarthy had newspaper columnists like Walter Winchell and Hedda Hopper, and the gossip columns, once very powerful sources of fake stories!
Both McCarthy and Trump were the best of their time in spreading stories and obviously lies until one person had enough, and then everyone had enough.
I hope and pray the same will be true now.
As a candidate and as a candidate elect, perhaps we have given Trump the room needed to be who he is now.
Once he becomes President and the most powerful person in the free world, his words will have even more impact than to date.
That being said, if he chooses not to have discretion, and I mean REAL discretion, his words will result in enormous cyber bullying by both him and all the trolls and evil folks who follow him.
All hell will start to break loose, and then one person - perhaps you - will stand against the bully and all the other bullies - and then other brave souls will join you, and then we will have a real movement (not just people fighting the pipeline, or Black People Matters), but a real movement of all Americans whether they live in the city or the countryside, and we will find a way to rid ourselves of Trump and his minions.


Anonymous said...

Simple Story:
Hillary Clinton- LOSER LOSER LOSER.
She Giveth Trump. End of Story.
Gifted with the most powerful political machine in American history she loses.
First woman to run for presidency and can't even work up enthusiasm amongst women.
Now we're stuck with trump.