Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Breaking News on the Wall

Donald Trump announced what will be the first major infrastructure project during his presidency. It came as little surprise. The Wall.

But there was an apparent significant change in the specifics. Where Mr. Trump had earlier been insistent that the Mexican government would pay for the cost of construction, that no longer appears the case. Last week, Mr. Trump stated that he could not wait for Mexico to agree to fund this work. Now he said he has a new approach.
"I will round up illegal immigrants, thousands and thousands of them and give them a choice: either immediate deportation or building the Wall, without any charge for their work."

"It is going to be great", Mr. Trump stated, "we get what we want and don't have to pay a penny for it."

When it was pointed out to Mr. Trump that slavery was abolished in 1865, he dismissed the argument. "You and your political correctness. Illegals will make America great again."

PS- the above events did not happen, but they definitely could have (or maybe will)


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