Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump - A Man of His Word

 ("President Trump's War on Women Begins", "I Think Islam Hates Us" and " A Lie By Any Other Name")

Well, at least he is keeping his campaign promises.

For all who thought Mr. Trump couldn't possibly govern in as frightful a manner as he said he would, his first week all out assault has proven those assumptions a lie (read as alternative fact).

Where to begin? Emasculating Obamacare, building the Wall, threatening trade sanctions, shrinking the First Amendment, bringing back torture, suspending immigration, declaring war on women, seizing Iraqi oil, destroyng our environment, investigating non-existent voter fraud. A dizzying series of  contemplations and executive orders intended to demonstrate that this President is indeed bad talk and even worse action.

While we ponder whether to call a lie a lie, the sickening unvarnished truths of Donald Trump's presidency unfold with dizzying rapidity. 

Talk loudly and carry a sledgehammer.


Harvey F Leeds said...

Building a fall out shelter in my yard!!!

Robert said...

make sure there is room for my family also

Anonymous said...

People who believe Trump is unqualified or illegitimate remain obsessively transfixed by Trump; the man who delights in violating the norms of politics, decorum and good taste. The Democrats, or at least those who conduct their politics in the streets, appear fatally drawn to daily Trump distractions. A wiser Democrat, perhaps Chuck Schumer, understands that the real Trump threat has less to do with The Wall, The War on Women, or Muslims Bans, but instead with discrete, identifiable policies that weaken long-established sources of Democratic power and authority. So, as the mainstream media and Democrats focus microscopically on the literal veracity of every Trump proclamation, Trump and his minions, this past Monday, had a meeting in the Oval Office with a half dozen top private sector union leaders.


Robert said...

I thought I was focusing on his actions.