Thursday, January 19, 2017

Letters to the Oval Office - The Voice of a Nation

("To Obama With Love and Hate and Desperation")

It is emblematic of the current President that the letters he read each night reflected not merely unadorned admiration but also the voice of a nation confused, scared, angry, hurt, in pain.

Mr. Obama heard and listened to the words of the disillusioned, the downtrodden, the discouraged and the dismayed. He understood his failures as well as his successes.

Can we imagine Mr. Trump engaged in a similar undertaking? For he is nothing if not a man who discards bad news as rubbish, who denies dissent, who is seemingly unwilling to reflect upon his shortcomings or respond to the voices of despair. Mr. Trump resides in his own ivory tower, in his own bubble where it is hard to imagine even those closest to him challenging or questioning his judgment or pointing out moral dilemmas.

I fear that the the many thousands of letters to the next Oval Office will not be read nor will the best of them, representing the essence of our collective being, with its many complexions and complexities, be heard by Mr. Trump.

For on January 20th  the light will grow dim in the White House and the office in charge of listening to the pleas of the American people will grow as dark as the heart of the incoming President. 


Harvey F Leeds said...

It will be like sending a letter to Santa at the North Pole! Unanswered! I bet Trump never sleeps in the White House -he will be staying down the road at his hotel!

Robert said...

your thoughts segway so well with my earlier post "Breaking News- Donald Trump to Rent Out White House" where the President-elect advised that he would indeed be staying at his hotel during his residence in DC