Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mr. Trump's Greatest Hits

It was a package of his greatest hits. His hits on on our crime and drug infested nation, on a Washington establishment that he will do nothing but perpetuate, on a universe ready to pick the pockets of America and take our jobs, on the threat of ISIS whom we would swiftly annihilate even as our 45th President announced in certain terms that we would no longer be the world's policeman.

There was no soaring vision, only those small dark places that Mr. Trump calls home. An America in decline, in disgrace in dismay.

Here was a man, totally unequipped for what lays before him, unable to muster up an idea that we could cling to. This was a campaign stump speech, a 16 minute tweet, without the puerile insults but with the same damning of enemies, those Mr. Trump sees everywhere he looks.

"America first" is a warning not only to foreign lands but to those in our midst who are "foreign" in the eyes of our new leader. Be you of the wrong color, of the wrong nationality, of the wrong religion, beware.

For better or worse, and if Mr. Trump is allowed to proceed unfettered then the latter shall surely prevail, we are now in the tiny hands of a preening, prevaricating, clueless catastrophe, destructive, demonic, incomprehensible and insufferable, always but a moment from raising a terrible swift sword, always but a thought away from calamity. 

We must summon the strength and the courage to persevere and to prove that we are better than this. That we have made a mistake but that there are not inevitable consequences. That we are not powerless but must demonstrate our resolve in the streets and in our every action. That we still have a voice, we still have a heart that beats and a brain that works, we still have a reason, a purpose and a chance to make certain that Donald J. Trump does as little harm as possible.

 Mr. Trump's inaugural address was our call to arms. Let us not grow weary or forlorn. Let not the darkness overtake us or make us fearful. Let tomorrow be a better day. Let us get to work.


Anonymous said...

I am getting to work today:) March in Santa Rosa.
Keep up the inspiring work. We need you:)

NJwolfdad said...

He's been in office nearly 24 hours and he hasn't destroyed ISIS yet as promised. Must be a little harder than he thought.

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire spectacle in bewilderment, continually asking myself the same question I’d been pondering since Nov. 8: How the hell did this happen? Then I saw Bill Clinton and realized I was not alone. The Big Dawg looked more bewildered than a bastard on Father’s Day. On a positive note it was awe inspiring to witness the grace and dignity the Obama’s displayed throughout the process, and I loved Melania’s outfit. She looked GREAT didn’t she?


Anonymous said...

Oy vey!