Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The No Rules President

("The Snapchat Presidency of Donald Trump")

He is fundamentally incapable of meeting the dictates of his office. He lacks vision, knowledge and understanding of the maze of complexities that lay before him. He has no intellectual curiosity, and an undeniable antipathy to study and reflection. He is easy to incite and hard to calm. He is unpresidential in every fiber of his bearing and his being.

He has said he wants to keep his enemies guessing, but what about his friends?  There is no agenda for him, merely tweets and slogans. No central theme except using the office to perpetuate the myth of Donald Trump. No rules to follow except that there are no rules to follow.

This is him, this is us for better or worse til death (impeachment or the 2020 election) do us part.


Unknown said...

It is a very frightening time.

Anonymous said...

Considering politics, it is not often I can say I totally agree with you. In this particular case the agreement is one million percent.