Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump Unhinged and Unleashed

("Trump Bars Citizens and Refugees of 7 Muslim Nations")

And we shuddered at his delusional demand for investigation of "voter fraud."

And we denounced his delusional mandate to build the Wall to keep out citizens of a country "filled" with rapists and criminals.

And we thought his first week in office, with its endless series of executive ordered delusions was as bad as it could get.

But we were wrong. With one stroke of the pen Donald J Trump has officially turned this country into an unmitigated disaster, his delusions of dystopia now fully engaged, occupants of nation after nation now labeled undesirable, unsafe and unwanted by this, our once great country.

In just seven days, Donald Trump has made us wholly unrecognizable.  His ugliness no longer an abstraction, his darkness ingrained, his delusions forming our very essence.

Is there any way to imagine the depth and breadth of the damage he is capable of causing over the next 1453 days? Our nation trapped in a nightmare unfolding before our unbelieving eyes.


PickleBiz said...

And so, unbelievably, unthinkably, the darkest forces at work in our country finally have a voice, and the tiller. Just mind-blowing...

Anonymous said...

Almost lost amidst this week’s extraordinary events was the Commerce Department’s report of 4th Q GDP growth of 1.9%. GDP for 2016 came in at 1.6%, lowest since 2011 and down from 2.6% in 2015. Average GDP growth for Obama’s 8 years came in at 1.8%, lowest among all presidents. Progressives will rightly say he inherited a very deep recession, but that just makes it all the more dismaying. One would have to work awfully hard to suppress growth following a deep downturn, and president Obama did just that by putting income redistribution ahead of growth as a policy priority, thereby achieving (alongside many other dubious and soon to be short term achievements) the incredibly remarkable feat of slower growth and more inequality. Is it any wonder Trump occupies the WH? It appears the real Obama legacy is the succession of one inexperienced and unqualified president with another.


Anonymous said...

I lay awake each night. PB