Thursday, January 5, 2017

What Makes Football Good Makes Football Bad

("Can Football Be Saved")

It is a tale of the yin and the yang of the sport. Of life lessons taught, of bonds forged, of strength, endurance and love. Yet the setting is one whose central theme is violence, mayhem and destruction. Not a sport for the faint of heart or body.

It is the clash of these two universes that makes this story so compelling. Much like Buzz Basinger's "Friday Night Lights" we are drawn into this world where the game is to be both revered and questioned.

Will we legislate away concussions from football? The NFL protects quarterbacks like the league itself is an extra blocker. And the popularity of the sport has not suffered. But at its core, football is and will forever be about big men beating each other up for our entertainment.

So though we can legislate around the edges, and try to pacify it's harshest critics, football, for all the good it has to offer, will now and forever be an undertaking replete with broken bones, damaged brains and shattered dreams.

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