Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A President In Name Only

("What the G.O.P. Wants Trump to Say Tonight")

Tom Cole writes as if Mr. Trump is a person of serious contemplation and consideration, who has weighed the pros and cons before announcing a well reasoned and stated position. Not the neophyte who is in so far over his head that he just discovered health care is a complicated issue.

What ibbles me is that the title of President carries with it a gravitas of which Mr. Trump is so undeserving, an implied warranty of study and understanding. This is fallacious, for Mr. Trump's remarks to Congress will merely be like putting lipstick on a pig (sorry, Mr. Obama, for stealing your line regarding the false prophecies of McCain and Palin). The depth of Mr. Trump's thinking would not fill up the shallow end of the pool.

As the President performs his act tonight, reading someone else's thoughts from the teleprompter except for the occasional "really" or "great" or repeating a statement twice as if that makes it true, we will be left to parse and analyze as if a man of substance is attempting to leave an indelible handprint upon this nation.

That is but insult, an attack upon our own integrity and worth. And yet here Mr. Trump stands, upon the same stage as Washington and Lincoln. A President in name only.


Anonymous said...

As shown on Nightline last night, there are so many people who would have died without the coverage that the Affordable Care Act provided them with. I'm hoping that during the last several years of opposition to Obamacare, that Republicans have something to replace it with. To use a baseball analogy, we must be vigilant as an umpire at home plate. But let's not make the call until the ball is thrown. Maybe they have a fix.--RE

Michael Gansl said...

Unfortunately you speak the so sad truth!

Anonymous said...

I would like to refer to him as little Putin


Anonymous said...

POTUS says "nobody knew that health care could be so complicated." Are you joking?! Lives on another planet.Sad.