Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Sanctity of Life

("I'm Pro-Life and Pro-Refugee")

It has long struck me of the inherent contradictions of a person who elevates life before birth but cares little for the fortune of fellow man once they have passed the literal threshold into this world.

Those who oppose sensible gun control laws, who would take away health care and financial benefits from the impoverished, who would find no merit in the right to die with dignity when the circumstances would demand compassionate release, who turn a blind eye to the suffering of others around the globe but are staunch advocates for protecting the well being of the unborn.

While I do not adhere to the view of the writer on the issue of abortion, I appreciate his passion and commitment to a deeply ingrained belief. That he is also "pro-refugee",  code for not wishing to ignore the pain of other human beings,  should not be unusual nor worthy of a spot in the NY Times. That this appears to be a late in life revelation yet still somehow an appropriate predicate for self congratulatory praise, and that it is deemed striking that one can be both pro-life and not anti-fellow man is the real story. A sad and most telling indictment of so many in our midst, and of the plight of this nation.


Bruce said...

If Trump gets away (he won't) with causing the following:

reinstate school prayer -- make sure that Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist prayers are instituted--that will throw cold water on the whole idea

rescind Roe v. Wade--enact a 200 billion appropriattion to build 1,000 new schools for all the newly born children; nationwide child care; increase in pre-natal care

abolish Obamacare -- appropriate 500 billion for a nationwide network of emergency rooms to handle the influx of sick people without insurance (or build many new cemetaries)

create a new set of jobs in coal mining--appropriate $250 billion to care for those with long term black lung disease which will spike up.


Anonymous said...

Yes, boggles my mind for sure. The discrepancies abound. Just talked to a friend whose daughter was denied a small pay raise by a State Senator who then two weeks later accepted a hefty pay raise for himself. We seem to be a nation who pride ourselves in widening the gap between haves and have nots. Many of the children born because of pro-life legislation will become the have nots. Sad indeed.