Friday, February 3, 2017

Bleeding Red,White and Blue

("A Return to National Greatness")

Mr. Brooks suggests that people on the left are uncomfortable with patriotism. I disagree.

What  I am offended by is faux patriotism, the wrapping oneself in the flag to hide one's imperfections and impurities. To cover bigotry in red, white and blue. To suggest that true Americans are determined by skin tone or place of origin. To mask hatreds and insecurities, lack of knowledge or lack of caring with a slogan, a tee shirt or a hat. To preach values antithetical to those that form the very foundation of this nation. To be the definition of everything that is not patriotic, but then to be offended by those who would question their methods, motives and intents.

I would inform Mr. Brooks that the left is not unpatriotic but rather it is not wed to a patriotism that is unrecognizable and ill conceived. 

I bleed red, white and blue Mr. Brooks. You just can't see it.


Anonymous said...

Spot on!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Well said!
BTW: I want my flag and all my country's patriotic symbols back! For years, the marketing arm of the Conservatives have tried to co-opt them. Do they think we don't recognize basic stimulus/response? I think we should all wear red, white and blue. If nothing else, that would confuse the heck out of them!