Saturday, February 25, 2017


A Paid Hour a Week for Sex? Swedish Town Considers It https://nyti.ms/2lA9CSx

It is your turn to contribute to this blog. A New York Times story caught my eye today, as a municipality considers making sex an official part of the workweek.

Help this concept become reality with your winning catchy slogan.

Third prize : 2 dinners with me
Second prize: 1 dinner with me
First prize: You are not subjected to me for any dinners.

Initial entry:
 "What are we supposed to do with the other 58 minutes?"


Anonymous said...

I'd participate and happily take 2nd or 3rd prize as long as I get to choose venue and you get to pay.


Robert said...

That is a different contest, the one that I am definitely not sponsoring

Anonymous said...

A slogan, really? "Hard at work, for a greater Sweden."