Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dasvidaniya, Mr. Flynn

("Flynn Resigns, Accused of Lying About Russia Dealings")

Wait, which lies disqualify one from retaining public office? Michael Flynn gave "incomplete information" based on a "faulty" memory and the swirl of events and he is kaput.

Is it the fear of blackmail that distinguishes between those falsehoods which are permitted and the ones which are verboten? That seems to be the benchmark established by this administration. Certainly, merely misleading this nation and predicating policy decisions on absolute fabrications is insufficient predicate to warrant even the gentlest reprimand.

So what we need focus on is a misstatement, large or small, that could prove so embarrassing as to cause the speaker to fear the consequences if the truth emerged. With all the poop emanating from this White House, we should be able to hit these targets blindfolded.

Thank you Mike Flynn for the service you have done this nation in your abbreviated time on this stage. You leave us knowing you were the first, but surely not the last, to exit in disgrace. You have shown us the template we can utilize to drain this swamp. For that this nation is forever grateful. Dasvidaniya.

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