Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Partners in Crime

("In First, Trump Condemns Rise in Anti-Semitism, Calling it "Horrible")

Candidate Trump gave license to free expression of intolerance, prejudice and hate whether its target be Mexicans, Muslims or Jews. President Trump has done nothing but fuel those flames with incendiary comments and actions from threatened wall building to deportation squad building, from targeting Muslim countries for bans to targeting Muslims in our midst for heightened scrutiny.

But his aversion to speaking out against those who despise Jews, like David Duke, to his treatment of the Holocaust as a moment in history that was apparently not targeted as the eradication of Jews by Hitler, to his indifference to rampant acts of anti-Semitism under his watch, is both seemingly peculiar and deeply troubling.

Is Trump blind to the consequences of his actions, not intentionally complicit but merely unable to connect the dots from his words to the fire he has flamed? He would have us believe this so, with his far too belated, and way too anemic a response to the growing wave of anti-Semitic acts throughout our nation.

If Mr. Trump is truly a man committed to Jewish welfare let him take his goon squads away from the homes and businesses where immigrants reside and work, and instead turn their focus to weeding out and eliminating the hate crimes, locating and prosecuting those who would intimidate and assault Jews with violence against their person and property.

But we know that won't occur. Mr. Trump will give lip service and no more to stopping the flow of these crimes. For this President would then have to re-shape his vision, making his own followers not the victims but the perpetrators, something Mr. Trump is unwilling to contemplate. If rampant and unfettered targeting of Jews plays well with his base, then it suits his purposes. The hate President and the haters he engenders and emboldens. Partners in crime.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. So well said. So very sad that hatred of the other is now normal, accepted, encouraged.


Anonymous said...


If we hadn't closed our JCC recently, we'd be closing it now because we could never have been able to manage the security costs!


Anonymous said...

The only one worse than the haters is the one who haters love.

More power to ya - your writing inspires and emboldens and enrages me regularly.


Anonymous said...

For the last 8 years of the Obama presidency your silence on the anti-semitism issue has been deafening. Now you write as if it's a new phenomenon , something that has just now sprung to life in 4 weeks under a new administration. Obama, Hagel, Susan Rice, Kerry, and Clinton were all part of the anti-Israel gang that fed anti-semitism here at home and throughout the world for the last 8 years. Where was their, or your, outrage at all the anti-semitic acts during those 8 years? Now that it suits your purposes and helps inflame your rabid hatred of Trump you speak up. Hatred, in all its awful forms, is the same poison.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true analysis of the failures of Mr. Trump. We must continue to Resist in every way we can. You are doing a great job with your writing on this anathema of a president.