Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reporting for Duty

I am reporting for duty. With my arm fresh and my legs strong. With my uniform clean and my mind clear. With my dreams intact and my possibilities endless. With determination and focus. With dedication and devotion. With love and respect for what I am about to undertake.

I have been a part of this endeavor for as long as I have been able to formulate a thought. I have lived through the disappointments, survived the harshest of times. I have sipped the champagne and worn the crown on my head. I have tasted the glory and spit out the pain. It is all coursing through my veins and enveloping my mind, as real as if it were me taking that lead and daring the pitcher to throw over, chasing down that ball in the gap and laying flat out, running out every ground ball as if my very being depended on it.
I am Sanchez and Tanaka, Sabathia and Betances. Today I can throw a hundred miles per hour, can make it to first in three seconds flat, can outthink you, outwork you, beat you at your best. I am back where I belong, home again and ready to go. I am alive and filled with excitement. I am at spring training, reporting for duty.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it very much. One key question: What's your number? The first several are taken.

Go Yanks!


Anonymous said...

Good to be thinking about more than politics. Hope does "spring" eternal.