Sunday, February 19, 2017

Should Entertainers Take a Pay Check and Shut Up?

("Should Athletes Stick to Sports?")

Should Meryl Streep not have poked a stick in Donald's eye? Should Bruce Springsteen have performed at the inauguration? Should entertainers, whatever their arena, keep their head down, take a pay check and say thank you?

I am not just a husband, a father, a lawyer, but a concerned citizen of this planet, aggrieved by the blatant hostile acts of Mr. Trump which speak to the worst of intentions and the cruelest of beliefs. If I had easy access to a larger platform, a higher visibility, I would hope I would have the courage of my convictions and take every opportunity to demand that we not suffer this absurdity in silence.

Shame on those who condemn the passionate voices. We are, first and foremost, not actors or musicians, not football players or lawyers, but people who should care deeply about the welfare of our fellow man, and make our presence known and felt.

Let those with the ability to be heard, speak.

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