Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Damned. The Beleaguered. The Chosen Few.

Ask Betsy DeVos. Ask Rex Tillerson. Ask Sean Spicer. Ask them what it is like to be performing their duties under the watchful eye of the petulant, belligerent, mercurial, menacing Mr. Trump. I dare you.

As the advice of Ms. DeVos is overruled while Mr. Trump posts a do not enter sign on the bathroom door, as Mr. Tillerson stands outside the door trying to listen in on decisions he must try to implement, as Mr. Spicer shuts the door on news organizations like the New York Times and opens himself to criticism and ridicule, each must be scouring the want ads in the hope that their days in the maelstrom are a merciful few.

To work for Mr. Trump is to be in a perpetual hurricane. Even Cruella DeVil, Kellyanne Conway, she of the infinite capacity to twist facts and questions into pretzels, must some days curl up in the fetal position and wish that her boss could be tranquillized for a moment or two.

Tomorrow will doubtless bring another theatre of the absurd, another Trump driven assault on the Constitution, on a world of perceived enemies, on reason, logic, protocol, justice. And those selected by Mr. Trump will be forced to try to clean up his mess, to explain away his insanity, to justify, mollify, pacify and try to satisfy those who are increasingly bewildered, perplexed and generally pissed off. 

The damned. The beleaguered. The chosen few. The minions of the President.


Anonymous said...

We are living in very strange and turbulent times.

Michael Gansl said...

We often use the phrase, "Serche la femme" in mystery novels, and perhaps sometimes in life when we need an excuse for someone's behavior.
With trump, the expression is, "Serche le bannon". This should explain all these days! Yes, for many of us, it is indeed a strange, turbulent and sad time. Mr. Bannon's credo, philosophy and influence on this American president is one of the most fearful scenarios I can imagine for America today.