Friday, February 17, 2017

The Doctor Will See You Now

("Is it Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?")
Thomas Eagleton was a bright man by all accounts, a Harvard law graduate who was George McGovern's choice for Vice-presidential running mate in 1972. That is until word leaked that he had suffered bouts of depression earlier in life requiring hospitalization. This fear of some potential future return of his symptoms was thought a disqualifying condition. Was that fair or just treatment for Mr. Eagleton, as this nation passed judgment upon him? No, but it was clear political reality.
And yet the author of this op-ed would suggest that those who are daily witness to  Mr. Trump's often bizarre and erratic behavior have a duty to couch their opinions in hypotheticals and what-ifs when the President's mental instability presents a clear and present danger to the welfare of the country. It is the Trump trick of making the President the victim and the accuser the problem. But there is far too much at stake to allow this mis-direction to stand.
Mr. Eagleton was accused, convicted and run out of town without proof of correlation between his condition and the right of the country to be alarmed.
In stark contrast, Mr. Trump demonstrates each day, in bold letters, that he suffers from severe mental and emotional instability that threaten our very way of life. It would be wrong in this circumstance for professionals, trained to identify mental illness, NOT to speak out forcefully and with particularity to Mr. Trump's demons. Put Mr. Trump on the couch and expose him for what he is.

 The doctor is in and will see him next.

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("For a Troubled President, the Media is a Satisfying Target")

Did he really just ask a black journalist to set up a meeting for him with the black caucus because he believed that all black people must know and have access to each other? 

This just seems to get more absurd with each passing day. When candidate Trump began his all out assault on virtually everything and everyone that had an ill word about him, we questioned his political savvy, his mental acuity, even his sanity. But as President he has continued to act in an erratic, confrontational and often irrational manner. His aggressive, accusatory tweets have seemingly multiplied and merely amplified his bizarre behavior.

The media is clearly enemy number one, misunderstanding his motives and intentions, making him seem a bad guy, a danger and even worse, a fool. When Mr. Trump feels he is being betrayed, belittled or cornered he lashes out, no better example than the press conference circus of yesterday. 

When that occurs, he says and does really stupid things. In responding to a non accusatory question by someone who appeared by his look to be a religious Jew,  Mr. Trump provided a non-sequitur reply in which he proclaimed himself the most un-anti-semite of all time. 

Good thing he didn't spot a Chinese person in the corner of the room. He might have asked him if there was a good place for egg rolls in town. 

I keep wondering how so many people thought this was the best we could do for this nation.


Anonymous said...

sigh....all true and absolutely frightening.


njwolfdad said...

What is shameful is that those people who voted for him still don't see anything wrong or upsetting by his behavior or cabinet choices

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that it is your blogging and the beach that is keeping me from going mad!!!

How oh how can this go on????!!!???


PickleBiz said...

Mentally ill electorate observing mentally ill president. They are pleased. 'nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Very sad but so true!