Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Fallacy of Republican Opposition to Trump

("How Can We Get Rid of Trump?")

Dump Trump. It will NEVER happen unless Trump fails to push for tax cuts to the wealthy and abandons virtually all Republican orthodoxy.

Many in his party may not like his style, may shake their heads at his impetuousness, may question not only his judgment but his sanity, but will NEVER challenge his right to remain in office as long as he does their bidding on their core issues, keeping the well to do happy, doing as little as possible for those who need the most (see Obamacare and Medicaid) and making it increasingly difficult for them to be voted out of office (see the intended decimation of voter protection laws and the unwavering support of gerrymandering).

Trump is not their enemy but their ally, the natural result of a party tracking further and further right. Attacks on immigration are not anathema to this party's beliefs but representative of them.

Let us stop pretending that there is a President and then there is his party. He is them, a crude, rude, boorish version but make no mistake, one and the same.

Impeach Trump. Have his own cabinet betray him. That is as likely to occur as Trump shaving his head.

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Anonymous said...

I fear you are so right - right about the right and it is all so very, very wrong....😢😢😢😢