Monday, February 27, 2017

The Rigged Election

I knew it would happen. All the Donald Trump jokes were a horrible mistake, goading the tweeter king, making him and his world of alternative facts seem the fool.

And then he did it. The man who told us the election was rigged, clearly had a subversive Russian operative shuffle the envelopes so that he could treat Hollywood like it was the New York Times.

"Bad job. Worst job really. Fake media world just screwed up. Can't believe anything they say. Make fun of Trump. I don't think so."

It was pure genius, getting Warren Beatty, the octogenarianish old Democrat, rumored to be considering a 'Bulworth' remake about Trump, tentatively titled 'Bulls..t', seem senile. It was a master stroke of misdirection.

"Beatty is old, should be in a home. Looked lost onstage. Sad. Very sad."

So even on this night, even when we thought we had one evening where the great and powerful wizard was safely tucked away, we learn we make light of Trump at our own peril. We are safe nowhere. He can even get to Price Waterhouse, the last bastion we ever thought possible to invade.

"Great fun. The greatest really. Can't wait to thank Vlad. Wasn't sure he could pull this off. Hollywood bad. Trump good."