Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Sit Down and Shut Up Party Has the Floor

("Republican Senators Vote to Formally Silence Elizabeth Warren")

Sit down and shut up diplomacy. It is the favorite method of Chris Christie, the original bully,  the warning of the Trump administration to its critics in the media and now the official mandate of the Republican controlled Senate to the voice of dissent. This is NOT what democracy looks like.

Where is the decorum in the lies and deception of President Trump, in his intent to malign and silence those who would take arms against him? Where is the outcry, the outrage from these Senators directed at a man who each day demonstrates no respect for his office or the people of this nation?  Why is his aberrant behavior deemed acceptable yet the repetition by Senator Warren of the striking rebuke of Coretta Scott King for the questionable motives of Senator Sessions found wholly impolitic?

The Republican party spent the last two terms taking potshots at President Obama, maybe none more outrageous than the long and loud  "birther" harangue by Mr. Trump questioning the very legitimacy of the man in the highest office. But yet Ms. King's words fall outside the proper boundaries for the halls of Congress?

As we descend into the Orwellian hell of the first days of what seem in many ways like the last days of democracy as we know it, the voice of reason, of sanity, of Coretta Scott King is told to be quiet. The sit down and shut up party has the floor. Freedom of speech appears in grave danger of losing its freedom.


Harvey F Leeds said...


Anonymous said...

“Freedom of speech appears in grave danger of losing its freedom.” Really? Across our once hallowed colleges and universities freedom of speech has been strangled and silenced by progressive anarchists for nearly a decade. Latest example UC Berkeley a week ago. Is that what democracy looks like?


Robert said...

It was not imperiled by the University who invited the speaker, even though the content was certain to be contrary to the beliefs of those who asked him to appear.