Monday, March 13, 2017

An Afternoon with Chris Thile

The sweetest music runs through his veins
Like the feel of a gentle warm summer rain
Like the taste of a cherished vintage champagne
Like a truth that no one can possibly feign  
His fingers move as instrument to his soul
His eyes alive as those of a new born foal
His body in a pulsing dance to and fro
His beating heart and his song halves of a whole
It is the sound of unadulterated joy at play
It is the sight of new bloom on the first spring day
It is the smell of a field of freshly mowed hay
It is love pure and simple as any ever made
He is in concert with us and too with his art
He mingles with us, old friends from the start
He laughs, we smile, for he's captured our heart
He plays on in our head long after we part

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