Monday, March 6, 2017

Chasing Shadows

("F.B.I. Chief Pushes for Justice Dept. to Refute Trump")

He is the president of disinformation, the chief purveyor of bogus, the master of through the looking glass speech. Donald Trump has us chasing after shadows even as we know his tweets are filled not with truths but with hot air.

Jeff Sessions is today scheduled to "amend" his testimony before Congress, but the fact that the attorney general of the United States is compelled to try to unlie a lie is not today's headline. What should be the lead is instead buried beneath the manufactured suspicion that Mr. Obama orchestrated an illegal investigation into Mr. Trump's head.

In fact, based on multiple reliable sources, I can report that such an investigation did occur and, despite a thorough and exhaustive effort, nothing was located. Let me repeat, nothing was found, for Mr. Trump's brain is completely empty. Not a single thought representative of Mr. Trump's elevated station was located. All that was uncovered was a bunch of loose marbles rolling around aimlessly.

Mr. Trump is not armed with knowledge, with understanding, with intellect or integrity. But he is equipped with an immense capacity to deflect and defuse. It is his greatest, and truly his only weapon and he used it to decimate his Republican rivals and to semi-defeat Ms. Clinton. Whenever he feels cornered, Mr. Trump's best defense is to be extremely offensive. And attacking Mr. Obama's non-existent actions is nothing if not extremely offensive.

So, as we head down yet another rabbit hole we must stop and ask ourselves: who is the fool, Mr. Trump for his brazen falsehoods, or us for continuing to follow them to their inevitable dead end.


Bruce said...

Tick tock. Tick tock....


Ted said...

A certified loon