Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Crazy Like a Fox or Just Crazy

("Tweeting Toward Oblivion")

Mr. Bruno writes as if Mr. Trump is in full control of his faculties and assumes he can turn off his tweets as easily as one turns off the water to a flowing tap.

The reality is we have elected a man who is filled with paranoid delusions, who many would suggest is crazy like a fox, but whom I perceive as just crazy. His tweets are not principally a manifestation of attempted political maneuvering but rather evidence of a mind unable to be at rest, unable to find a stasis, unable to work through the clutter to determine where his thoughts end and the truth begins.

Mr. Trump stop his lies, stop his obsessive compulsion to arise in the middle of the night and put forth yet one more damaging, reality denying 140 character heat seeking missile? This spigot is broken and the water will continue to gush, unchecked and unmoored.


Anonymous said...

But his 97% of his base still support him. Now that is scary.

Robert said...

And crazy

Bruce said...

The future effectiveness of Trump’s false-presidency may lie in whether or not the House of Representatives will enact his health care proposal. Bad as it is, mostly for Republican states and districts there is likely to be some 'window-dressing' amendments, after which the reluctant GOP House members will lay down for Trump and Ryan, and vote yes.

Note that the Dems—unified in their opposition—are taking a low key approach knowing that politically, they do not want to impel the GOP members who have their doubts to vote 'yes' so as to not give the Dems a political victory.

While this drama unfolds, we can look forward to the eventual disclosure by the FBI of the facts that they know about the Russian-connection to the American election and the possible collusion with the Trump campaign. What is not in doubt is that Paul Manafort, Nichael Flynn, Roger Stone and at least three others all traveled to Russia to have secretive meetings with officials and diplomats of the Russian Federation who were really intelligence and propaganda apparatchiks of Putin's cabinet. To say that they were being “played” is to insult their intelligence. They were snooping around to see how the Russians could aid and abet the Trump campaign by hurting Hillary Clinton. And they succeeded and put their Manchurian into the White House.

Richard Nixon once called the Watergate break-in a third rate burglary. Ironically, his comment will finally ring true in comparison to the successful effort at Trump's men colluding with the Russians in order to effectively influence the US election.

This may awaken some patriotic Republicans but not before the 2018 election. The biggest scandal in US political history will have to wait until the GOP are re-elected so that they will be able to cut taxes, enact health care repeal, defund all domestic programs, curtail the EPA and dismiss NATO and other western alliances are being out of America's interests.

But if this happens, as I predict, we may no longer be a viable democracy.

Anonymous said...

Our best weapon against this president and his destructive agenda is to obtain his tax returns. Follow the money.