Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mr. Trump and the Office of the CYA - A Story of "Unintelligence"

("How Trump Undermines Intelligence Gathering")

The essence of Donald Trump is to reach conclusions and then search for the evidence to justify and confirm. This makes the task of an intelligence agency an impossible one, and their value, in the eyes of their President, limited to providing truth to lies.

In such a universe a President can denounce those who gather the information upon which the most critical decisions are founded as a useless disgrace or accuse them of being complicit in an illegal wiretap. 

Mr. Trump may well have run his business enterprise by making those in his employ uncomfortable, uncertain of their standing and unsure how best to please their boss. And maybe that was, in Mr. Trump's estimation, a key to his success. But it does not translate into how to run a country, it does not lead to the discipline to detail and fixed focus on letting the facts direct the decisions that is a mandate for effective and efficient government.

No one in this bizarre universe of Mr. Trump is immune from criticism or attack. When the only rule is to follow his lead, strange suddenly becomes the ordinary.

And head shaking, hand wringing and ducking for cover become key components of your job.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another brilliant analysis and assessment.