Tuesday, March 14, 2017

On Dying Young

The piece she wrote for the Times in the days before her death ("You May Want to Marry My Husband") was unique in its intimate view of a life at it's conclusion. Her family ripped from her arms, her husband to become a widower far, far too soon. And Ms. Rosenthal, with not an ounce of self pity, with her humor and intellect still intact and her dignity and purpose still preserved, gave us not merely a dating website to peruse but her own eulogy. We were provided a front row seat to a woman of courage and great fortitude.

None of us envision dying young, with so many promises still to be fulfilled and so many memories still to be created. But if I should pass before my self contemplated expiration date, I hope I do so with even a small portion of the grace that Ms. Rosenthal exhibited.

While she may have written her words intending to extol the virtues of her husband, Amy Krouse Rosenthal also left us with her own unforgettable character to admire.


Anonymous said...

Your words inspire both admiration of your remarkable intellect, exquisitely gentle nature, and robust appetite for things good and beautiful, but also sincere gratitude for introducing topics -- such as Ms. Rosenthal -- of which I would otherwise never have had knowledge. You enrich my life. Thank you.


pam said...

Just lovely... and a wonderful acknowledgment of the beautiful piece she wrote 10 days ago in the Times.. you may want to read her husband's loving comments in this weeks People magazine..