Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The President's VOICE

I wish to use this post to compliment Mr. Trump: he is getting better at teleprompter reading.

But even beyond that he is wonderful at giving VOICE to our hatreds and prejudices. As he surveyed a nation of 330 million he found that we are in collective pain, victims of immigrants. We have been mauled and murdered, minimized and marginalized, traumatized and terrorized. And we could be sanitized and our safety secured by purging ourselves of a mythical plague in our midst.

For a President who has spent a month not living up to his biggest lies, like replace and repeal of Obamacare or building his magical wall at another's expense, who we have come to know best through his tweeting out his insecurities and, let us be honest, his insanity, who is constitutionally challenged and continually confounded, for all of this Mr. Trump last night took us on a fantasy ride of non-existent accomplishments and nonsensical goals, plans that will be funded and attainable only through the actual pain and suffering of so many of those among us.

It was a worthy effort of the President's speechwriters to distort and distract. And of course, to find the villains among us. For Mr. Trump to survive he must always be able to rail against a villain. And give VOICE to our worst instincts. Congratulations Mr. Trump on a bad job well done.


Anonymous said...

I not only read each blog very carefully, I read each one several times and then print it out and file it in a binder on the cover of which is displayed the title, "And Thus Spake Robert". I am constantly in awe of your vocabulary and delighted by your wit, but I think it is the punch in your payoff lines that above all is most impressive... "Congratulations Mr. Trump for a bad job well done." H. L. Menchen move over.


Bruce said...

On the outside he is profound, but deep down inside, he is superficial.